Look younger, feel younger, act younger with the tips and tricks!

21 Oct

02-Impotence-and-TCM-300x199If you’re not exactly wild about the idea of adding more and more birthday candles to your cake every year (even though it’s better than the alternative), and want to look younger, feel younger, and actually act younger – regardless of how much experience you have in life already – you’ll want to pay close attention to the tips and tricks included below.

While not exactly quite as beneficial as stumbling upon the “Fountain of Youth” would be (wouldn’t that be a dream come true), that these tips and tricks will combine together to help you roll back the clock – often times dramatically – without too terribly much headache or hassle all along the way.
Make sure that you cruise through all of the tips below, but you certainly don’t have to implement all of them. Pick and choose the ones that you feel will work most for you, and always look for new ways to reinvigorate your life.

After all, your age is merely a number – and you dictate just how young you feel at the end of the day!

Learn to embrace discipline
If you didn’t go to boot camp or lead a very regimented life, you’ve probably felt two things:

  • That you’ve had a tremendous amount of personal freedom to come and go as you please
  • And that you live in the middle of a chaos bubble that saps your energy, your strength, and your stamina

There are some very real and serious benefits to having completed total freedom over your life and your time, but you’ll want to try and reel things in (at least a little bit) so that you can accomplish the goals that you have pushed to the wayside for one reason or another.

Time is always ticking, and you don’t want the sand to run out feeling as though you didn’t get everything done that you had hoped to. A bit of discipline (and some deadlines) will give you that extra jolt of ambition and energy you need to feel a lot younger!

Don’t be afraid to lean on modern medicine
For a number of different reasons, there are men all over the world and that won’t turn to erectile dysfunction drugs, generic Viagra options like sildenafil, or a handful of other solutions that provide you with the necessary biochemistry balances you need to feel, look, and act a whole lot younger.

Many of them don’t want to “cheat” at life (whatever that means), while others still are more than a little bit nervous and afraid of these chemical concoctions.

Though there are certainly some risks that you’ll have to cozy up to (risks that you want to be made aware of before you use any generic Viagra like sildenafil or other prescription solutions), your medical professional that recommends you take that kind of approach should outline each and every one of them for you.
At the end of the day, the chances are pretty good that your body and its biochemistry is all mixed up and flooded with “bad nasties” that are wearing you out – simply because you’re getting older.

If you want to roll back the clock, don’t be shy about using generic Viagra, sildenafil, and other “youthful prescriptions” – whether they are designed to cure erectile dysfunction or tackle something else entirely.

Clean up your diet and move your body
One of the easiest ways to completely change the way you feel is to change the food you eat and fuel your body with wild making it a point to move more frequently than you probably do right now.

Our ancient ancestors were some of the healthiest and most fit people human history has ever seen, if only because they had to move all the time and rely on their bodies for survival. They weren’t pumping themselves full of processed foods, TV dinners, or yellow dye number five, either.

Definitely make it a point to research nutrition (at least a little bit) and clean up your diet in any way that you can. This doesn’t mean abandoning your favorite foods entirely or completely overhauling your lifestyle from top to bottom.

After all, if you’re not enjoying life, what’s the point?

But it does mean doing everything and anything you can to make your time on this blue marble just a bit more enjoyable, especially in your later years.
By making these changes, you’ll feel a whole lot younger almost immediately – and you’ll begin to experience a lot of other beneficial “side effects” as well. Don’t be surprised if your libido comes roaring back (even if you were dealing with erectile dysfunction before), whether or not you’re using generic Viagra options like sildenafil or just going “all natural”.

You still have plenty of time left, but there’s no reason to spend it as a grumpy old man.
Use the tips and tricks above and you’ll never have to worry about “acting your age”!

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